Two very cute Japanese girls

On you will find some of the hottest Asian ladies in the world; Sexy Chinese Actresses, Cute Korean Pop Stars, Sexy Thai Bar girls, Japanese models, Filipina cam girls and of course everyone’s favorite…

Hot Asian Porn Stars!

Yes, we have them all, but let me ask you a question – what if, instead of just looking at pictures of these Super Sexy Asian Hotties, you could actually date them?

Ok, maybe you can’t date Tila Tequila, or Kobe Tai, but believe me, there are thousands of beautiful Asian girls out there in the world that would love to date a guy like you.  And many of them are just as sexy as the Asian Models you see in magazines.

But here’s the catch, these women probably don’t live next door to you, as a matter of fact, they probably don’t even live in the same country as you.  If you want  to date young, sexy Asian girls you will have to look for them in places like Thailand, China and the Philippines.

Why Would These Sexy Asian Girls Want to Date Me?

That’s a fair question which, to answer thoroughly, would take a lecture on Evolutionary biology, psychology, international economics along with a million other factors which would probably bore you to death and take you away from looking at picture of Asian hotties. But the short answer is, these women have fewer options in their home countries.

In the USA, Canada or the EU a beautiful woman is put on a pedestal, she is worshiped and spoiled from birth and taught that she is “Special”.  The qualities that she possesses make her a valuable commodity – it’s all your basic supply and demand.

Now here’s the great part – once you get out of the western countries – the tables are turned!

Go to Cebu in The Philippines or pretty much anywhere in Thailand and you will see more hot women in one square block than you see all day in your home town. Beautiful women are a dime a dozen in many places in the world.  Add to that the fact that there are just not enough high value mates to go around and you have the perfect recipe for dating some stunning young ladies.

If you are from the west, have a half way decent job, take regular showers and are under the age of 99 – then the good news is…

You qualify as a High Value Mate!

I discovered Asian dating about 5 years ago and have not looked back.  I’m 47 and the thought of dating a chubby 40 something American women (along with all her baggage) just doesn’t appeal to me anymore knowing that I could be hanging out with a 20 something Thai or Filipina girl.

Top 5 Reasons to Date Hot Asian Women

Sexy Chinese girl in pink bikiniAsian girls are some of the most reliable and tasteful companions you can have, especially if you are from the West. Interracial marriage is not an uncommon occurrence today. You can find many Caucasian men intermarrying with Asian women.

In today’s changing cultural times, it is not surprising to find websites (like this one) where you can have a look at potential Asian brides.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose to date and marry these girls:

1. Exotic Culture And Cuisine

Asian culture is very different from western culture in terms of values, food, clothing, and the like. While it is common for some Caucasian women to be liberal and sometimes controlling, Asian women have utter respect for their husbands.

In terms of culture, women from Asia are raised in an environment that demands respect for elders, spouses, and people older than them. It is because of these profound values that Asian brides make very good wives.

In addition to being loyal wives, many Asian women are talented in cooking their own country’s cuisine. If you have a distinct love for Asian food, having an Asian as a bride is a wondrous thing. You can eat all the Asian foods you like every day and savor every meal served.

2. Asians Love Caucasians

There are various reasons for this, but it is a fact that a lot of women from the East love to have husbands from the West and vice versa. When you come to visit romance websites, you will definitely notice how true this is. Many lovely ladies from Asia have a dream to travel and finding the best Caucasian partner is one of their goals. At least that is true for some women.

However, other women simply love the idea of interracial marriage. It is quite a popular practice nowadays, especially that the Internet connects various people from all over the globe.

3. Something for Everyone

There are so many different types of Asian women to choose from: cute Filipinas, exotic China girls, Sexy Thai women, Alluring Indian Goddesses!…  Ascetically, any guy can find an Asian woman who looks like the girl of his dreams.

It’s the same culturally, Asian women have so many different beliefs and traditions that just about any man should be able to date and marry an Asian woman who has the same beliefs and religion as he does.  This is just not the case for Russian brides or Latin brides where the majority of women are Roman Catholic.

4. Asian Women Are HOT HOT HOT!

Come on, admit it… If you are reading this then you probably think that Asian women are the mot beautiful in the world, right?  Well, you are not alone, most guys are attracted to Asian girls – probably because genetically they embody all the traits that men seek in a woman.  They are slim, feminine and demur with big full lips, long shiny hair and tiny bodies.

5. Seriously, Asian Chicks Are Really Hot!!!

If #4 didn’t convince you – here are some pictures to drive the point home:

Three hot Asian girls

Asian Women Traits

The best thing about dating an Asian woman is that it will give you the opportunity to learn about her country and culture;  it’s values, traditions, songs, food, movies, arts, as well as history. This isn’t the case when you date a woman who was raised in the same country as you. Uncovering new and exciting things about your Asian girlfriend can be a huge advantage in a relationship.

There is less possibility of both of you growing bored with each other. When you date an Asian lady and also have genuine understanding on her tradition as well as history, there are something totally new that you should discover every day.

What do Asian Girls possess that Western women don’t? Many will state it is the method in which Asian Women treat their own males.

Not to say that many Western women tend to be money hungry girls however there are plenty of these out there. I guess when you come from humble origins that you are life tends to be the same.

Asian Girls are not rich, well, most aren’t and while they may have great work, these people always remember where they come through. The majority of Asian Girls that I understand come from harvesting areas of Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian Countries.

Asian women are throughout the world required regardless of whether with regard to companionship, romantic relationship or relationship. They are stunning, that’s why men such as all of them. They ‘re going along with white males, but I don’t really see that numerous Asian males going with white ladies.

They aren’t all hookers or geisha’s plus they are not really little, weak ladies who know little to nothing. They are usually trained to be great followers to their male partners. They are generally fortunate with good skin with little skin pores.

Asian women are good to make prepare and conserve the home. Asian ladies are expected to take care of all home tasks. Asian women tend to be easy going and avoid confrontation.

Because of the above-mentioned qualities, once Asian ladies are dedicated, they remain faithful for their partners. That’s the reason the reason why the divorce rate is so low in Asian countries.

Because of their very unique high quality, they are also always up for the challenge and will not make you whether or not the conditions are not to your benefit.

They don’t have which girly mindset. The likelihood of arguments or even fights are extremely rare together. As well as, when 1 happens, it won’t be very hard to get making up after a battle or an argument due to their flexible nature.